Alleged Dark Web Bitcoin Thieves Who Stole $6.6M Nabbed

It appears, once again, that the Dark Web and bitcoin aren’t untraceable.

Just in case there was any doubt.

A new court case has shown this after it was revealed in documents that two men allegedly stole 5,400 bitcoin from an underground illegal online drug site called Sheep Marketplace. That was when bitcoin’s price was above $1,100, and so, the bitcoin was worth a lot more at the time — $6.6 million, to be precise.

Now, the government has seized $4.5 billion from two Florida men who were allegedly involved in the case. This money was reportedly given over in 2014, but the documents were sealed while an investigation was going on. This theft, which occurred in 2013, caused the Sheep Marketplace (a Silk Road wannabe that opened after that marketplace shut down) to close down.

The two men in question are Nathan Gibson and Sean Mackert, both from Florida. They are both now 24 but were 21

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