Alphabay: Introducing New wallet security measures

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Alphabay, the current biggest market just introduced several new improvements to its withdrawal  wallets system to enhance users anonymity:

  • We have made changes in the withdrawal system. Withdrawals will now be sent in separate transactions. This is done for better privacy, as we will be implementing a Bitcoin tumbling system in the next days. You still have the option to request a single transaction for a small fee.

  • We have taken additional security measures to obfuscate wallets. It is now impossible to profile our hot wallets. Deposits addresses have also been changed, please check the Balance page before depositing. You can read the full announcement in the Announcements forum.

Alphabay admins posted a more detailed explanation of these changes:

Hash: SHA512

Our primary role as the biggest online marketplace is to protect our
buyers and seller in case they get arrested and we must make sure that
nothing can be proven. As a way to achieve this, Alphabay implemented
additional security measures on its wallets to prevent profiling.

– — How do we know that you are sending money to a Darknet Market? —
Some sites like Circle and Coinbase are known for their rapidity in shutting

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