Alt Convention Conference Lands in Georgia On October 8-10th

More and more Bitcoin-related conventions are making their way to Europe as of late, which could be very beneficial for digital currency adoption on this continent.  Alt Convention Conference, an event aiming to bring Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and FinTech to Batumi, Georgia, will be the place to be in October of 2015.  And with over 350 tickets sold already, there is no better time than now to get your early bird discount!

Alt Convention Conference in Batumi, Georgia

While this conference may have the term “alt” in its name, it simply stands for the various, alternative aspects of the financial world which will all be unified under one roof. During this three-day event, there will a large focus on business, finance, and technology, both in terms of FinTech, but also for digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

The reason as to why Alt Convention Conference is being hosted in Georgia can be attributed to the country’s “ease of business” nature, ranking it in the top 15 countries in the world in that regard.  In fact, Georgia prides itself on its stable and growing economy, with many forward-thinking individuals, turning the country into a potential hub for

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