Amazon Starts Shipping 21 Bitcoin Computers

21, bitcoin computer

Online retail giant Amazon is now shipping 21 Bitcoin Computers, the first product from the industry’s best-funded startup 21 Inc.

21 began accepting orders on 21st September, when it revealed the offering along with its broader vision for how it believes the 21 Bitcoin Computer will be used to further development in the field of machine-to-machine payments.

Unlike past products aimed at the bitcoin mining market, 21 reiterated in a new blog post it does not intend for its units, which contribute to transaction processing on the bitcoin blockchain, to be optimized for the speculative mining of bitcoins. Rather, the units will aim to provide users a “stream of bitcoins”, a move that aims to emphasize that bitcoins, while a scarce and valuable resource, are effectively the data that runs the distributed bitcoin database.

So far, the product has perhaps struggled to communicate its nuances even to its target consumers in the development community. Confusion over the value of the product as well as its high price point can be seen in comments on social media sites and on Amazon.

In the post, 21 CEO Balaji Srinivasan aimed to reiterate the product’s

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