Amendments to Rule 41 and What Is Happening to Stop Them

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If something isn’t done by December 1st, the proposed changes to Rule 41 would allow the government to only need a single warrant to search millions of computers at one time. With the majority of these numbers being victim’s computers, not the computers of the cyber criminals themselves.

The proposed changes have come about in light of several judges deeming warrants invalid due to jurisdictional boundaries. The amendments were approved by the supreme court, and would give any magistrate the power to issue a warrant to search computers anywhere in the world. Thus making the jurisdictional limitations vanish, and the FBI’s NIT use wouldn’t be able to be challenged.


The DOJ is justifying their rule changes due to the fact that so many cyber criminals anonymize they’re locations making it almost impossible to find them. It looks grim that congress will take any action on these changes, which were set up to go into effect if congress does just that, nothing. Ron Wyden is heading the opposition, and with little support it would seem.

There are a few others as well that have started

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