Amstetten Drug Addict Bought Narcotics And Counterfeit Money From Dark Web

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An 18-year-old from Amstetten, Austria was sentenced to 15 months in prison for buying drugs and counterfeit money from the dark web.

According to official court documents, the Amstetten man had been addicted to narcotics since the age of 14. Soon after he turned 18, he did not have any money to finance his addictions so he bought drugs from the dark net. The 18-year-old ordered from mostly vendors based in the Netherlands or Poland. After the packages arrived, he sold the drugs to his customers to make profits.

Patrick Hinterleitner from the St. Pöltner’s Prosecutor’s Office said when law enforcement authorities performed a home search at the accused he resisted fiercely when police tried to arrest him in June. The 18-year-old wanted to prevent authorities from seizing the narcotics he had in his home. In addition to that, he threatened an officer and kicked another in the leg.

Law enforcement authorities found a mailbox key at the man’s home. When they opened it at the post office, they found various narcotics and 20 pieces of counterfeit five Euro notes. Prosecutors accuse the 18-year-old of selling the counterfeit money for profit, however, the defendant denied that claim. The

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