An interview with Ex-NSA Agent and New Cybersecurity Comic Author

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Ex NSA Analyst, Oren Falkowitz left the agency in 2012 and went on to co-found two different start-ups, Sqrrl, and Area 1 Security; both of which analyze and stop cyber threats. His latest venture, Pineapple Sparkle, is a comic book he uses to showcase his thoughts on America’s current state of online security. Falkowitz says that the book is being sponsored by Area 1 Security, is written by himself, and illustrated by comic book artist Francois Vigneault.

Despite the rise in phishing attacks since 2005, cyber security is still being ignored or underplayed by the majority of companies. For months now we’ve heard of various companies being ransom ware victims, and even most of the east coast without popular online sites for a day. Falkowitz has captured this essence in his comics.

Cybersecurity compliance trainings are often mandatory but ineffective in giving employees the tools they need to handle basic, common threats like phishing,” Falkowitz said.

He also stated that cyber security education isn’t effective because people feel like they are being forced into training, therefore harbor regret toward it almost instantly. Another reason he said current methods aren’t working is because of the way information is given. In the majority of

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