An Open Letter: To Argentina’s New 26-Year-Old Head of Banco Nacion (Op-Ed)

Yesterday I read that the 26 year old daughter of Argentina’s Defense Minister, María Delfina Rossi, was just appointed head at Banco Nacíon, the country’s largest bank. Congratulations, and don’t waste too much time reading naysayer comments. This job is going to put you under public scrutiny, and it’ll be uncomfortable but if you keep a clear head and watch your words in the press, you’ll be ok. 

Get ready

You and I have a lot in common, we’re both children of privilege, we both have an international perspective, like moneyed nomads we have spent much of our adult life living in various countries, and in a sense our individuality is a bi-product of not feeling constrained by borders or currencies. And we both love finance, we both want to be excellent at what we do, and reach our 40s with a sense that we were responsible for making things better for the societies we inhabit. 

People will complain that you don’t deserve your position: That your series of academic accolades tower in excess while young people can’t get their first degree because of broken education systems. They’ll mention your family; it’ll start to get personal. Some may even argue

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