Anarchists love 2015’s best performing asset

Bitcoin’s fall from more than $1,150 near the end of 2013 to this January’s $200 levels represented the asset’s “long winter,” according to economist Tuur Demeester, editor-in-chief of bitcoin-focused Adamant Research. The story of 2015, therefore, has been a bottoming out for the digital asset, and a climb to revaluation.

Bitcoin’s fall from its highs, Demeester said, was the result of “bubblicious” investing in 2013 (with some help from Mt. Gox). Pricing levels remained depressed for so long because companies had become over-leveraged, and so had been squeezed into heavy bitcoin selling, he said.

As for 2016, Demeester suggested that the cryptocurrency could likely see another leg up as newly confident investors seek the right market valuation.

“But,” he said, “with bitcoin you have to expect to be surprised.”

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