Andreas Antonopolous: ‘50 Currencies Today Have a Value Less Than Goat S**t’ (Op-Ed)

It’s hard for me to be objective about Andreas M. Antonopoulos. We follow each other on Twitter, I’ve interviewed him for over an hour on Skype, and he taught me more than half of what I know about Bitcoin. He is my Obi-Wan Kenobi when it comes to Bitcoin. Whenever I see a link for one of his globe-trotting seminars or speeches, I make sure to watch it on YouTube. So having caught his seminar at Rotterdam’s Reinvent.Money Conference last week, I’ll go over the content from that presentation.

Andreas on Bitcoin as Money

Every market niche has a great orator. Joel Osteen within religion, Alex Jones for geopolitics, and Bitcoin has Andreas Antonopoulos. He can adjust the level of difficulty of each seminar, on the fly, depending upon the constitution of his audience that day. He can go technical for the computer scientists, or use more metaphors and analogies for the laymen, looking to get started.

This one was more Please-Excuse-My-Dear-Aunt-Sally-level arithmetic than collegiate calculus. His presentations can go from twenty minutes to an hour, with a QA thereafter, where he dropped the headline you read above. This one was of the twenty-minute variety. I provided the full video below

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