Andreas Antonopoulos: AMA With the 8BTC Community

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Just recently, Andreas Antonopoulos talked with the Chinese community in an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) thread. The technical visionary and Bitcoin evangelist had a lot to say concerning hard forks, the Lightning Network, general development and Ethereum.

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Antonopoulos Answers Questions From the 8BTC Forum Community

8btcBitcoin is quite popular in China, with the country having a large mining presence as well as significant amounts of transactions coming from the region. is one of the top forums in China that discusses cryptocurrency and related subjects. Antonopoulos gave his insight into how he sees the space currently and how he envisions solutions to particular debates.

The first question asked was about  the possible hard fork of Bitcoin to institute a block size increase to 2 MB and how the community may react towards the core developers if it is not implemented.

Antonopoulos explains that scaling solutions will not be solved with just a hard fork, and it will also depend on what other types of implementations the developers release. If they fail to release solid solutions to the problem, they will lose power to alternative ideas. Antonopoulos notes

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