Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin is a Real Electronic Cash

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Andreas Antonopoulos recently spoke about income and Bitcoin during an eventuality in France. Speaking during a Merkle Conference 2016, he explained that a days of income is now counted and it is shortly going to be extinct. Cash has been one of a many successful peer-to-peer remuneration options for thousands of years. The same can’t be pronounced about electronic fiat payments as it is some-more of a “person-to-corporation-to-corporation and afterwards person” transaction.  The companies being banks, remuneration processors etc.

Antonopoulos explained a problems faced by tiny businesses when they accept electronic payments from their customers. Unlike peer-to-peer income transaction, a electronic payments are theme to realization, that might occur in one day or a week or infrequently a month. In a box of a rascal or other defaults, a business owners might never see a money. Not to discuss a transaction fees of anywhere between 0.5% to 2% of a transaction value depending on a mode of electronic payment.

As a use of income reduces, people are now during a forgiveness of banks and remuneration estimate companies. The chartering regime and division of corporations, governments, and other entities have reduced everybody into a consumer by creation it tough for

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