Anti Encryption Bill Spells Bad News for National Security

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A couple of days ago, a first draft of the anti-encryption bill from Senators Richard Burr(R-NC) and Dianne Feinstein(D-CA) came to light and suffered instant backlash from security experts. The new law has been labeled so bad that only would it make the some of the NSA’s own work illegal, but it would also outlaw some of the things we’ve take for granted for years, like the ability to compress large files to share them on line.



The Compliance with Court Orders Act of the draft was met with hard criticism. More than 45,000 people already signed a petition from CREDO Action for the withdraw of the bill.

“This is the most brain dead piece of legislation I’ve ever seen.” Bruce Schneier, an encryption expert told The Register. “ The person who wrote this either has no idea how technology works or just doesn’t care.”

Scheier said that the bill would make most of the NSA’s work illegal unless the agency is willing to bake back doors into its encrypted communications. He also added that simple products such as data compression algorithms could be banned

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