ANX CTO: Bitcoin’s Scalability Issue is a ‘Red Herring’


During a talk at Finnovasia 2015 in Hong Kong this week, ANX CTO Hugh Madden told an audience of gathered FinTech professionals that he believes concerns about the bitcoin blockchain’s ability to scale are a “red herring”.

The comments notably follow the two-day Scaling Bitcoin conference at which the open, public blockchain’s global development community came together to propose technical issues related to the bitcoin protocol.

Madden, who later appeared on a panel conversation centered on the technology’s growth in Asia, made the case at the event that despite the level of press time issue has received, lofty expectations for the bitcoin blockchain are the root of what he argues is a mischaracterization of its technical efficiencies.

Madden told the audience:

“It’s a complete and utter red herring. Name any form of data transfer that is responsible for every data transfer in the world? There’s good applications and there’s bad ones, but scalability is not a showstopper.”

In part, Madden justified his belief by citing the fact that the majority of the experts in the burgeoning field have “never worked” in a financial company and are likely to continue to work on the bitcoin blockchain, a trend he

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