Apple Pay Becomes ‘Double Pay’ in the UK

Following Apple Pay’s much-hyped payment system’s launch and lukewarm reception across many markets, the platform’s release last week in the United Kingdom has already encountered some problems with a double-spend issue being the most notable. 

New Apple Pay Becomes Double Pay

Apple Pay can cause an economic misfire with users of the ever popular public transportation service, the Transport for London, under certain circumstances. This has happened often enough to cause an official alert to be disseminated from the iconic transit system regarding the use of this new form of payment.

The problem is when a payment is made from one account, but from more than one device, resulting in the account to be double-charged. So if you enter the system with an Apple Watch and exit with an Apple iPhone, for example, it will bill the account the maximum the second time, even if you paid before from the other device.

In other words, if using one Apple Pay device with Transport for London, you must use the same device throughout, regardless of whether one account links multiple devices or not.

Transport for London

The official statement from Transport for London reads:


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