Applying Bitcoin to a IoT Interoperability Conundrum

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One of a categorical themes of this year’s Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit was a plea of bridging a flourishing series of Internet of Things (IoT) standards. Many speakers were carefree about a intensity for achieving organic interoperability, if not a unifying standard, and there were even calls for a possible merger between dual of a largest open source efforts: AllSeen and IoTivity.

Others, however, like Dutch IT consultant Benedikt Herudek, were some-more skeptical. “Forget about standards,” Herudek told attendees to his display “IoT Consensus — A Solution Suggestion to a ‘Baskets of Remote’ Problem.”

“Sometimes it works, though in my knowledge removing everybody to use a same customary is customarily sad thinking,” he said.

Herudek is not calm with an IoT universe distant into silos, however. He has a intensity resolution formed on a proven technology: Bitcoin. In Herudek’s view, a same qualities of wholeness and confidence that symbol Bitcoin and a blockchain record for financial exchange could be practical to a IoT messaging custom problem. Specifically, Herudek outlines a chronicle of a Bitcoin’s “proof of work” accord resource that would interpret messages between any focus but requiring a devoted pull or resorting to attention or businessman custom standards.


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