Are wireless payments safe?

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Whether you’re in a big supermarket in the city or at a remote farmer’s market out in the countryside – nowadays you will be able to pay wirelessly almost anywhere. From paying by card to using smartphone services such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay – when it comes to making a payment we’re as flexible as never before. But as convenient as this technology might be, is it really safe to use?

NFC – what it is and how it works

NFC stands for “near field communication” and it is the technology behind wireless and mobile payments. It enables two electronic devices with an NFC chip to transfer data when being held approximately 4 cm from each other.

We differentiate between passive and active NFC devices. Passive devices such as NFC tags can send data without needing their own power sources. Active devices such as smartphones can receive and send data. The data is transferred via radio waves and it is sent at either 106, 212 or 424 kilobits per second.   

What are the risks?

It is possible that a malicious person might try to tamper with the transferred data. This might happen if somebody floods the communication channel

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