Armada Collective Strikes Again; Demanding 1 BTC ransom?

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Armada Collective, a mysterious group of cybercriminals seem to be back again! The group known to disrupt websites by launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks may have sent emails demanding Bitcoin ransom from website owners.

According to reports, many internet users have received an email demanding a ransom of 1 BTC. The sender, claiming to be from Armada Collective has threatened to launch a 10-300 Gbps DDoS attack on the servers of those who fail to pay before 8:00 PM on September 6, 2016. The email also claims that once the DDoS attack is underway, they won’t stop unless the victims pay 20 BTCs.

The re-emergence of Armada Collective was reported earlier today by a business media website. Etienne Delport from South Africa who runs Alpha Bookkeeping Services and Michael O’Connor, a UK based professional musician were among those who received the threatening email from Armada Collective.

In the email, the cybercriminals claim to have checked the security of their victims’ servers to find them vulnerable and obsolete. The email also gives some information about the kind of attack the targets will be facing. In addition to a large-scale DDoS attack, Armada Collective may also use Cerber Ransomware.

Cerber Ransomware threats

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