Arrested: Scandinavia’s Biggest Vendor “Douppikauppa”

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In an exclusively translated interview for DeepDotWeb, the world learned about the life of Scandinavia’s biggest darknet vendor, Douppikauppa.

Douppikauppa had been selling on Valhalla since 2013 and is well known for being Scandinavia’s biggest darknet vendor. He was arrested in Finland with massive quantities of drugs in his possession.

In the interview we learned so much about Douppikauppa and insight of the massive operations he ran. Douppikauppa stated his empire was created essentially from nothing but he quickly rose to infamy as a drug lord, stated Arman Alizad, an international TV celebrity.

In the interview, Douppikauppa described some of his operations and intel, including how he balanced his real world life and that of his deepweb presence. He mentions a “close call” with a contact in the Netherlands, and according to another Finnish news source, a similar event contributed to the takedown of Douppikauppa’s operation.

Excerpt from the interview on DeepDotWeb mentioning the Netherlands:

Arman: Has any of your employees been caught with dealing drugs?

DK: The closest call has been for one of our contacts in the Netherlands. And a couple of groups have been caught over the darknet because of

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