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Art Exhibit In NYC To Feature Pieces On Money, Bitcoin

An art exhibit focused on money will take place in New York as part of the Partial Mystery Event series with a special focus on cryptocurrency. Emily Faber, founder of the Partial Mystery event series, started the exhibits in her apartment because she “had no idea how to find a gallery space in NYC.” Getting ready for that first Partial Mystery entailed clearing out her apartment.

I cleared out all of my personal belongings, took everything off of my walls, and invited total strangers to come into my apartment hang up their art,” she recalled, speaking to CCN. “It was definitely a unique experience. My apartment is a tiny studio, so I had my couch out in the building’s lobby to make more room.” She’s been able to grow beyond her studio apartment and into the gallery scene.

Past themes for the event include “the Internet” and “sharks.” According to Faber, submissions so far highlight Bitcoin’s benefits and physical representations of Bitcoin, as well as artwork criticizing the current financial system.  They’re accepting more submission via e-mail ([email protected]) and are open to “absolutely anything” no matter the size or medium.

Gocheto Financials, a New York-based Bitcoin advisory firm, sponsored the event. The event organizers, although focusing on money in general for the exhibit, have been involved with Bitcoin. Faber has worked in the Bitcoin space since April, but aware of the cryptocurrency since late 2012.

“My curiosity turned into an interest, which turned into my current career path,” she added. “I just love its ease of use, as well as the different ways it could benefit more specific parts of society.” Faber has noticed she’s not the only artist interested in cryptocurrency.

“A lot of tech enthusiasts are working to bring changes and improvements to the art space,” she observes. “I personally see so many different ways that Bitcoin and blockchain technology can impact the art world.” Companies such as Ascribe and artists like Stephan Vogler have looked into the concept.

“One thing about art is that it’s so international, and Bitcoin seems like an ideal way to accept payments for artwork, because it allows for easy fast transactions around the world,” said.  She also believes Bitcoin is a great subject for art.

“I love work that is so rooted to the current time period, and I think Bitcoin-focused artwork is fascinating for that reason,” she said. Hayael Abbassi, co-founder of Gocheto, is also excited about the art exhibit.

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“The gallery setting is the perfect spot to encourage conversations, and we’re hoping that these conversations open peoples’ eyes to the benefits of Bitcoin,” he told CCN.la. You might be wondering why the exhibit lasts just one day.

That’s one of the key components of our Partial Mystery event series,” Faber said. “The event is meant to be not just an art show but a social experience and a conversation starter.” By holding the event for a single night, she feels it becomes more of a party than an art exhibit.

“Guests are invited to stay for the entire opening, so the environment becomes more friendly and more relaxed as the night goes on, allowing for more open dialogues as the guests grow comfortable with each other,” she told CCN.la.

RABBITHOLESTUDIO in Brooklyn is a huge space located in Dumbo, a neighborhood known for its technology startups and art culture.  The art party will coincide with the Dumbo First Thursday Gallery Walk.

Many knowledgeable Bitcoiners are expected in attendance, making the art exhibit a great opportunity to discuss and learn Bitcoin.

The event, run by Creative Girls of NYC,  is BYOB – including potluck items, cookies, whisky, chips and so on – and you can even get some Bitcoin advice at the event.

“We’re providing the drinks the financial advice, Hayel Abbassi quipped. “We’re experts in everything related to Bitcoin and taxes, so if someone at the event is curious about how to accept Bitcoin for their artwork and how that would work for their taxes, they can come talk with us over a tequila soda.”

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