Artist Captures Bitcoin’s History And Uniqueness

Artist Captures Bitcoin’s History And Uniqueness

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Artist Pierre Bourque embodies the spirit of bitcoin, both figuratively and literally. As an artist, he expresses his affinity for bitcoin by creating visual images that people can see, appreciate and purchase if they wish. On a more practical level, he markets his creative works on websites, including

Bitcoin Jesus (Roger Ver)

Bitcoin Jesus (Roger Ver) is one of Bourque’s more recent involvements with the bitcoin community. He has been an advocate of the cryptocurrency for a few of years.

He became familiar with bitcoin when his online news site became a sponsor of events such as Inside Bitcoin in New York, Bitcoin Expo in Toronto, and others. He is also on the board of directors of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

A ‘Lasting Statement’

“I see this as an opportunity to really build a lasting visual statement and help define what bitcoin is beyond its core elements,” Bourque said of his relationship with
“It (bitcoin) is a societal shift unlike any before it, complete with vast cultural implications.”

“That includes

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