Artists Cut Czech Presidential Flag into Fragments of Bitcoin

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According to the Prague Daily Monitor, the Ztohoven artistic group has cut the Czech presidential flag into 1152 pieces and added Bitcoin value to each piece. The flag which was taken from the Prague Castle, the seat of the Czech heads of state, was replaced on September 19, 2015, with a giant pair of red boxer shorts in protest against bureaucratic manipulation and tyrannical behavior.

96ae91e9046784782209f57e416bb06c_400x400The Ztohoven artistic group’s hilarious performance last year involved members of the organization dressed up as chimney sweepers, and the group replaced the Czech head of state flag with red boxer shorts. At the time it was said that the flag had just flown away with the wind, but it turns out the group had kept it for a demonstration. The flag has been cut into 1152 fragments with cryptocurrency attached anywhere between five to 1500 crowns and will be given away randomly to citizens this coming Monday. The protest is an act to show the world how Czech citizens are disgusted with Miloš Zeman’s behavior in office. Zeman’s spokesman Jiri Ovcacek has condemned the act

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