Artists Turn to Bitcoin for Inspiration, Not Personal Finance

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'Value And Mystery' by Karen Zahray_

When it comes to bitcoin’s use as money, word-of-mouth has been a biggest asset.

The tour from Internet shade to seductiveness from financial incumbents has been a prolonged one, though it started with ardent users, peaceful to plead a advantages with friends, and those friends, intrigued by a idea, began to try – and spend – a banking themselves.

Bitcoin, since of a peer-to-peer design, thrives on connection.

As this review goes viral, speak of digital currencies is swelling opposite a globe, and one village that has been drawn to bitcoin (and a blockchain) is artists. To date, this includes big-name festival tack Imogen Heap and rappers-turned-venture capitalists Nas and 50 Cent, among others.

This might not be surprising. Prone to border and rising ideas, it’s a common faith that artists consider differently, and bitcoin is positively different. Plus, there’s a mercantile inducement as well. As Etsy can attest, many artists are tiny merchants strike tough by normal transaction fees, and bitcoin presents a approach to compute a product to acquire sales.

But what is bringing this organisation to a conversation? And is this demographic apropos an active partial of a digital currency’s user base?


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