‘As If Identity Was the Goal’: Antonopoulos Slams Blockchain KYC

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At his most recent talk in Toronto, Andreas Antonopoulos pointed out the folly of relying on tradition — particularly that of using identity verification — or what he calls the “means” that’s no longer needed to achieve the end in blockchain transactions.

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The End to the Means

btc-logoOn June 20-21, Mastering Bitcoin author Andreas Antonopoulos, gave yet another poignant talk at the Blockchain Training Conference in Toronto. The presentation was centered on the importance of education over speculation in the Bitcoin space. In other words, studying and learning about the new “tool” for exchanging value (i.e. cryptocurrency) will be far more valuable in the longer term than any short term trading gains.

“If you look at all of the things that exist in all of these industries that have hundreds of years of tradition, it’s important to realize that traditions, the methods, the tools that we use in law and economics, even in computer science, in accounting — it’s not about the tools,” Antonopoulos points out. “This is a point we often miss.”

Meanwhile, governments and law enforcement have been scratching their heads on how to track cryptocurrency users.

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