Ascribe Uses Blockchain Technology To Help Artists Claim Ownership of Content

The content creation industry is suffering from privacy.  Whether it is movies, tv shows, music or even books, people will find a way to pirate it quite easily.  Blockchain technology could play an important role in the fight against privacy, assuming it is implemented correctly.  Ascribe is one of the first companies trying to use the Bitcoin blockchain for artist ownership.

One of the Best Blockchain Use Cases So FarAscribe Small

Whenever you talk to digital currency enthusiasts about the Bitcoin blockchain, the conversation will automatically switch to using the technology as a way to transfer digital value.  But what most people tend to forget is that the blockchain can be used to claim, share and transfer digital ownership of just about anything, not just BTC.

Berlin-based Bitcoin startup Ascribe is trying to do something different with the Bitcoin blockchain, by using this technology to let artists claim digital ownership of their created content.   In doing so, artists will no longer have to rely on third parties for copyright claims, which is a perfect example of what Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned when Bitcoin was created.

Once an artist registers his or her work through the blockchain, they become the digital owner of their intellectual property.  Even though this is only a digital ownership, it is enough to protect against piracy, theft and misuse.  Furthermore, digital ownership of intellectual ownership can be easily transferred or sold when needed.

It is important to note that Ascribe is more than just a platform for design, digital art and photography.  This new platform works with physical art, such as sculpture and installations, as well as its digital counterparts.  Claiming ownership of your work is simple – register an account with Ascribe and upload a picture of your creation – done.

Additionally, Ascribe opens a lot of new revenue streams for artists.  Imagine having the option to loan your recent creation(s) to an online gallery, yet retaining the option of selling to interested buyers directly.  Any other version of your work that exists online is automatically deemed as counterfeit because they are not accounted for by the artist.

Ending Privacy As We Know It?

Ascribe has managed to create a proper use case for blockchain technology, by tracing the journey of any registered file in terms of distribution.  As a result, any rights holder can prove ownership of their content, and use this digital claim to prosecute any infringements in a successful manner.

At the time of publication, there are over 600 users and 2,600 digital works and unique editions registered on the Ascribe platform so far.  Do keep in mind that this service is free of charge for content creators.  Also, Ascribe offers an API, which is being used by a dozen marketplaces so far, with many more to come in the future.

Source: The Next Web

Images courtesy of Ascribe and Shutterstock