Ashley Madison — the Blackmail Exercise Starts!

Bitcoin has been the most favored currency for blackmailers and hackers. It has been proven yet again after an American received a blackmail email demanding ransom in bitcoin. The email was sent to an undisclosed American by somebody calling themselves as “Team GreyFlay” threatening to expose the person as a user of recently hacked extramarital affair platform Ashley Madison.

The blackmailers have demanded exactly 2.00000054 BTCs, to be payable within a week from the American victim. Otherwise, Team GreyFlay has threatened to find his information among Ashley Madison user data and share it with his spouse. The GreyFlay was also considerate enough to point out bitcoin ATMs and suggest where the victim can buy bitcoin to pay the ransom.

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Ashley Madison, one of the well-known online dating and social networking service targeting users who are either married or in a committed relationship was hacked last month. The hackers had stolen all customer data including names, addresses, credit card information and other intimate details including sexual fantasies posted on the platform. They demanded Ashley Madison and another site, both belonging to Canadian media group Avid

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