Asia: the Power-up behind Bitcoin in 2015

Asia: the Power-up behind Bitcoin in 2015

Oron Barber, the managing director of CoinPoint, has shared his insights on how bitcoin is integrating into the Asian financial markets.

Asia: the Power-up behind Bitcoin in 2015Asia, which represents half of the world’s population, has become an encouraging talking point for cryptocurrencies and according to Barber, Asia was the “power-up behind bitcoin in 2015”, where the other regions were slower.

“These days and as for the 2016 forecast, it’s true that US and EU are getting more into the blockchain technologies, but Asia is on the top and it’s going to stay this way. The future of the bitcoin in Asia is to penetrate into the daily life, be more accessible and easy to trade,” Barber told

CoinPoint offers bitcoin related products and services for people looking to utilize bitcoin in their businesses. They already have several partnerships in Asia and customers using their services in various bitcoin niches. According to Barber, his company’s

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