Atencoin To Hold International Conference in Poland

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Conferences in the Bitcoin universe are all too common now. After attending many in Europe, we start to see a same common faces and a same topics of discussion. Recently we have schooled about AtenCoin a cryptocurrency that is all that bitcoin is not. They have entirely KYC/AML correspondence built in. They are operative directly with universe governments. Now they are hosting their initial discussion dedicated to only Aten Coin –

Atencoin is not famous good in bitcoin circles. At initial glance, they seem to be no opposite than a thousands of other altcoins we have seen come and go. Upon serve peek we see they have taken blockchain record and combined a silver to unequivocally shake things up. They offer all a advantages of discerning transaction and allotment times as other cryptocurrencies, though a categorical disproportion is each silver can be identified as to binds it during any given time. Atencoin has full KYC/AML correspondence that governments love, and a normal bitcoin users dislike.

When seeking owner Marcus Andrade about his KYC/AML policies he replies. “I adore bitcoin and blockchain technology. Global governments wish to know who is

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