Atencoin To Hold International Conference in Poland

Conferences in the Bitcoin world are all too common now. After attending many in Europe, you start to see the same common faces and the same topics of discussion. Recently I have learned about AtenCoin a cryptocurrency that is everything that bitcoin is not. They have fully KYC/AML compliance built in. They are working directly with world governments. Now they are hosting their first conference dedicated to solely Aten Coin –

Atencoin is not known well in bitcoin circles. At first glance, they appear to be no different than the thousands of other altcoins we have seen come and go. Upon further glance we see they have taken blockchain technology and created a coin to really shake things up. They offer all the benefits of quick transaction and settlement times as other cryptocurrencies, but the main difference is every coin can be identified as to holds it at any given time. Atencoin has full KYC/AML compliance which governments love, and the traditional bitcoin users dislike.

When asking founder Marcus Andrade about his KYC/AML policies he replies. “I love bitcoin and blockchain technology. Global governments want to know who is

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