AT&T Confirms it’s Not Blocking Access to Bitcoin Ports

ATT has confirmed it is not intentionally blocking customers from using their bitcoin ports, contrary to some allegations in recent days., a website that reviews ISPs and conducts Internet speed connection tests, reported yesterday that ATT confirmed that the company does not block the bitcoin port 8333 or attempt to block bitcoin nodes for its customers. Any customer experiencing a problem should contact ATT customer care, the company stated.

The situation would not be worth mentioning except for the fact that the topic has generated discussion on various websites, DSLReports noted. On Tuesday, a Reddit post stated:

ATT has effectively banned Bitcoin nodes by closing port 8333 via a hidden firewall in the cable box.

CCN Questions The Claim

CCN reported on the matter Tuesday, noting that some bitcoin users have experienced issues attempting to connect to bitcoin clients across port 8333. CCN noted ISP providers close some connection ports in order to provide what the company deems to be the best level of service. CCN concluded ISPs are probably not intentionally blocking bitcoin.

On Wednesday, ATT confirmed CCN’s conclusion.

“We do not block port 8333/tcp or attempt to block bitcoin nodes for our customers,”

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