Australian businessman Craig Wright claims he invented Bitcoin and says he has the evidence to prove it

Australian businessman Craig Wright is claiming to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto — pseudonym for the creator of digital currency Bitcoin — in what could end the nearly decade-long mystery over the currency’s true identity.

“If I sign Craig Wright, it is not the same as if I sign Craig Wright, Satoshi,” Wright published on his blog referencing a Jean-Paul Sartre’s saying “If I sign myself Jean-Paul Sartre it is not the same thing as if I sign myself Jean-Paul Sartre, Nobel Prizewinner.”

Wright publicly identified himself as the creator of Bitcoin — fodder for years of conspiracy theories since the global payment network’s launch in 2009 — to BBC, GQ and the Economist on Monday.

His claims have been corroborated by key members of the Bitcoin community, including the Bitcoin Foundation’s chief scientist Gavin Andresen, who assumed responsibility for Bitcoin’s development in 2011, and director Jon Matonis.

“I believe Craig Steven Wright is the person who invented Bitcoin,” Andresen wrote on his site, after meeting Wright weeks before his announcement. “During our meeting, I saw the brilliant, opinionated, focused, generous — and privacy-seeking — person that matches the Satoshi I worked with six years ago.”

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