Australian Craig Wright claims he is Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

The mystery of who created the digital currency Bitcoin might finally have been solved, bringing an end to years of speculation.

Australian businessman Craig Wright has claimed to be the person behind “Satoshi Nakamoto”, the mysterious identity that created much of the technology behind the online cash system. Satoshi Nakamoto’s work in 2008 and 2009 was key to creating the system, but he has always remained anonymous and his work has since stopped.

If Mr Wright’s claim is correct, it will bring to an end years of speculation about the person behind one of the most famous names in internet history.

Mr Wright showed “technical proof” of his identity to the BBC, The Economist and GQ. The publications were shown digitally signed messages sent in the early days of the technology that are linked to Bitcoins that are known to have been owned by Satoshi Nakamoto.