Australian Prime Minister Tries Alleviating Fears Over Census Privacy Concerns

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The security of personal details is a rather important concern in the upcoming census in Australia. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tried to alleviate fears in his statement after independent senator Nick Xenophon demanded the national survey to be delayed over privacy concerns. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is expected to collect “all the names and addresses to enable a richer and dynamic statistical picture of Australia.”

According to Turnbull, he “always protects people’s privacy”. He added in his statement:

“The security of their personal details is absolute and that is protected by law and by practice. That is a given.”

The national census in Australia will take place on August 9. The compulsory survey has been receiving pretty much resistance from privacy advocates because of the collection of names and addresses for the period of four years.

Dr. Mark Gregory from the RMIT School of Engineering told that “Australians should be worried” about the ABS collecting their personal information:

“They can’t guarantee the security of the information,” he said.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie also raised his concerns over privacy saying there’s a “broad feeling of confusion in the community”.

“I do not doubt the importance of the Census and I commend the vast majority

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