Australian Teen Arrested, Could face 25 years in Prison for Dark Net Drug Importing

An 18-year-old teen was busted with close to $60,000 in drugs he bought from dark web markets.

Raids were conducted on his home Wednesday in Hermit Park, Townsville, Australia. Reports say that a variety of drugs were found including meth, LSD, MDMA, mushrooms, hash, cannabis, and various prescription drugs. Also seized by Townsville Drug Squad was close to $10,000 in cash, leading to believe that the teen had been trafficking drugs for a while.

The Drug Squad’s Officer in Charge, Detective Senior Sgt. Mick Walker stated that police found a number of drugs that had been sourced from dark net.

“Police will be alleging he had 750g of cannabis, 28g of methamphetamine, 65 MDMA tablets, 154 LSD tablets, 17g of magic mushrooms, hash and numerous prescription drugs. Whether it has come internationally or locally, we are still investigating.  We have asked Border Force for some assistance there, but that will play its part in ongoing investigations,” he said.

Walker also said it was common for people to source drugs over the internet:

“It’s getting more and more common, which is going to make our job a lot harder, but we need to get smarter and it’s though the help from members of the public that we actually put on to this man. The offenders are getting younger and younger, they’re very computer savvy and they’ve got no problems in accessing the dark web.  Anonymity over the internet is what these people are looking for, so we’re experiencing more and more young people getting into the drug industry. They seem to have no comprehension of what trouble they are actually getting into, they think they’re anonymous, but they really aren’t.”


The teen was charged with a number of offences, from possession of dangerous drugs, trafficking in dangerous drugs, possession of restricted drugs, and receiving or possessing property obtained from trafficking or supplying. The teen is scheduled to appear in court on October 4th.

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