Backpage: An Opportunity or Liability for Bitcoin?

Recently, the classifieds website Backpage was banned from using American Express, MasterCard, and Visa, loudly.

The reasoning behind this is that the site is used for sex workers to find customers. The site is said to sell millions of classified ads to women in the United States, and a sheriff in Illinois instigated the shutdown. Before that, MasterCard and Visa had no problem processing transactions for Backpage.

Backpage began accepting Bitcoin at some point, and now it is the only form of payment that works for the website. Of course, the Bitcoin network cannot be shut down. But if you investigate the site, you do see that it is used for sex work largely. These sections are the most active. Then the question becomes: is this a liability or an opportunity to shine for Bitcoin? In essence, how should the Bitcoin community react?

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Being that the community is largely libertarian in nature, the response will likely be positive. In the

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