Bad News for Otto De Voogd as Supreme Court Regulates Bitcoin in Estonia

Trading has been one of the major applications of bitcoin. The price volatility of cryptocurrencies has been exploited by day-traders across the world. As the amount of funds circulating through bitcoin trading increase, the practice is now being scrutinized by governments. In this regard, Estonia has now joined the ranks of countries that are regulating bitcoin trading.

The Estonian Supreme Court has recently ordered bitcoin trading to be included into the purview of anti-money laundering legislation. The call for regulations towards bitcoin trading will make it hard for the digital currency businesses to operate in the region. The Supreme Court’s decision comes as a part of the case involving Otto de Voogd, a Bitcoin Entrepreneur. Otto de Voogd was operating a bitcoin exchange called which was shut down by the country’s law enforcement agencies.

However, the current Supreme Court order may not be really helpful for bitcoin ecosystem. The order to implement bitcoin regulations will bring outdated laws that were designed for the fiat based monetary system to oversee digital currency based transactions. These outdated regulations do not have necessary provisions included in them to overlook bitcoin and other digital currencies. this will in turn only create more problems to bitcoin ecosystem by stifling

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