Baidu Removes Bitcoin, Virtual Currency Advertising

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Although China is one of a largest markets for bitcoin trading, Baidu recently private promotion for all forms of practical banking from a online service, according to
one report.

The sum about Baidu interlude all cryptocurrency ads comes from two of China’s largest bitcoin exchanges, OKCoin and Huobi. Bloomberg News reports that alone Huobi CEO Leon Li, and OKCoin’s Jiang Anming, a
member of a hunt engine selling team, reliable a ban.

Ironically, Baidu participated as a “partner” in a $60 million appropriation turn in Jun 2016, assisting China-based Circle — a
bitcoin peer-to-peer remuneration organisation — lift capital. The appropriation was led by Beijing-based try collateral organisation IDG Capital Partners, a appropriation turn includes tellurian try collateral and private equity
firm Breyer Capital.

Baidu might have criminialized a ads, though a subject of regulating bitcoin or other digital currencies continues. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that a startup R3 CEV has been operative to
create standards for financial services formed on “blockchain” technology, a open-ledger complement used to trade a practical banking bitcoin with a idea to sell a product to banks.

digital banking also is being used as a form of remuneration for ad

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