Banco Santander Sees Bitcoin As A Disruptor For Card Payments

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Bitcoin is mostly seen as a hazard to a stream financial ecosystem. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts wouldn’t mind if a fiat banking complement disappears altogether, and gets transposed by something that is most better. Santander, one of a world’s biggest banks, has mentioned how Bitcoin will turn a critical contender if it can benefit widespread adoption.

Banks Are Legitimately Scared of Bitcoin

Financial institutions and governments all over a universe have been hostile cryptocurrency from day one. Most people insincere it was since this whole ecosystem of sorcery internet income was a pristine scam, and would go divided earlier rather than later. Nothing is serve from a truth, though, as cryptocurrency is not a scam,and it will not be going divided either.

Despite a delayed adoption rate, Bitcoin has gotten on everybody’s radar. Granted, there is a lot of disastrous media courtesy on bitcoin, partially due to not bargain a complement or not doing any research. While cryptocurrency is no vacant line-up by any means, a lot of a disastrous associations are taken good out of context.

Which brings us to today, an sparkling day for Bitcoin users. As it turns out, Banco Santander is

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