Bandago — Rent-A-Van with Bitcoin

The ability to pay for anything form any part of the world is a great boon for those who are mostly on the road. What can possibly be better than bitcoin when it comes to that? That’s what Bandago has realized. The passenger van rental company has now integrated bitcoin payments to make that a reality. This means the customers don’t have to worry about extending the trip while on the road anymore.

Bandago is a well-known van rental agency which offers customized luxury vans for those who love to go on a road trip, or prefer being on the road for extended durations. Based out of San Francisco, Bandago offers 6 different variants of furnished vans with gaming consoles, television and the whole entertainment kit installed in them. These vans have seating capacities varying from 9 to 15, depending upon the make and model.

By adding bitcoin a payment option, Bandago has become the first van rental company to embrace cryptocurrency payments. The company has always been one step ahead of the competition. Bandago vans were the first to feature very high level of in-van entertainment options.

Since 2003, Bandago has been providing a mode of transport to various categories of people including celebrities, sports teams, film industry professionals etc. These vans can be comfortably driven across the United States and Canada. Reserving a van is easy, people can go online and reserve a van well in advance. They can later go and pick up the van from Bandago’s rental sites located in New York, Orlando, Miami, Nashville, Portland and San Francisco. The company also delivers the rental van to the customer’s doorstep.

By adding bitcoin payments, Bandago has made reservations easier for their customers. Bitcoin offers a faster and an inexpensive transaction option which makes it easier for customers to plan their vacation and reserve the van from anywhere in the world. International tourists can book the van from home and pay for it with bitcoins. Once they are in United States, they can directly pick up the van and start driving around, exploring the country.

Bandago is reinventing the way vacations are planned by leveraging upon the power of bitcoin.

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