Banks, Media Firms Targeted By Cyber Extortionists DD4BC



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DD4BC squad threatens businesses with DDoS conflict unless they cough adult £8,000 value of Bitcoins

A cyber coercion squad is increasingly targeting banks, media groups, retailers and gaming firms with release demands, confidence organisation Akamai has warned.



Failure to compensate a 50 bitcoin (£8,000) release formula in a victim’s server being bombarded in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) conflict that can strech adult to some-more than 50 gigabits of information a second, a new report from a association claims.

Increasing Activity

Akamai says that the hacker group, called DD4BC, has been active given Sep 2014, and last November was given a huge bitcoin bounty by Bitcoin play after a website was knocked offline for dual days.

MICROSOFTThe company says that a extortionists are still active, and in a final 10 months has carried out 141 attacks on Akamai customers. Of those attacks, a normal bandwidth was 13.34 Gbps, with a largest DDoS conflict reported

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