Barclays Africa Supply Chain Challenge Highlights Bitcoin Technology

The Barclays Africa Supply Chain Challenge is open to entrepreneurs and developers, between the ages of 18 and 35, who are based in Africa. Applications close on Sept. 18, and five finalists will be announced on October 12. One member from each finals team will be flown to Cape Town, South Africa, where they will pitch their idea to a panel of Barclays executives and industry experts on Nov. 3. One winning entry will be crowned Barclays Africa Innovation Challenge Winner 2015. The winning team will receive $10 000 USD in prize money and a Barclays mentor for 6 months.

“The journey from manufacture to eventual use by a sick person may involve ten different companies, a fleet of trucks, warehouses, export and import authorities, and a wide variety of shops or dispensaries,” read a statement by Barclays Africa illustrating the challenges the problems of the modern supply chain. “At each step, the medicine is logged, registered and accounted for by a different company, into a different database. More often than not, however, these companies and databases are not linked in any way. This means that there is no single, traceable route between the manufacturer who provided the medicine and the person who uses it.”

– Barclays Africa

Though it is encouraged, potential solutions don’t have to use blockchain or distributed ledgers, the bank is open to other technologies. Successful Kenyan businessman and philanthropist Chris Kirubi was present at the launch event, and helped bring to market a “smart card” to reduce fraud and the cost of medical services in West Africa during the late 2000’s.

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