Barrage of DDoS Attacks Bring Down ProtonMail; $6000 in Bitcoin Ransom Paid

Secure mail service provider ProtonMail has again come under renewed DDoS attack and the email service has gone offline inconveniencing its users. This is yet another high-profile case involving Bitcoin ransom which has come to light!


The mail service was created to ensure the safety and privacy of the users but in a rather unusual event it is now facing an unprecedented challenge as it came under sustained and aggressive DDoS attacks which began on November 3rd, 2015.

In a statement titled DDoS Update it even requested experts to help in the following words:

If you or someone you know has experience with mitigating enterprise level DDOS attacks, we welcome your expertise.”

In another statement, ProtonMail described the attack as unprecedented in size and scope and also said that now it will have to resort to expensive solutions which will be a burden on its finances.  Therefore, it is now requesting donations for its ProtonMail Defense Fund. At this time of writing, ProtonMail has raised $14k+ of its $50k target.

As per news reports by Forbes and The Guardian, 15 Bitcoin or about $6,066 have

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