BatMan Switches From The BatPhone To BitPhone

Batman switches phone use from BatPhone to a new, improved and safer alternative.

BitPhone, from Solid Cloud, is changing a universe once again regulating bitcoin technology. BitPhone does not need registration for use, and is in fact an unknown payphone.

BitPhone is Web RTC (Web Real Time Communications) formed that can call SIP (ViOP uniform locator identical to URL) addresses, PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) Phones and can yield Peer-to-Peer communication. It allows we to revisit a website from any Wi-Fi connected phone or device, Internet Café, internal library mechanism depot or any place we can bond and simply requires a tiny deposition of some bitcoin or any other authorized altcoin, and we can place your call anywhere in a universe to some-more than 200 countries.

BitPhone allows users to change their ‘Caller ID’ to anything they wish and all calls are private, secure and encrypted! The unknown calls duty is implemented by stealing your Caller ID, and works on many inclination and intelligent phone.

No program implement is required, we can call directly from your browser. BitPhone allows we a reinstate of any new balance, distinct Skype that requires a $10 permanent deposit.

Currently we can compensate for your calls regulating bitcoin, dash, litecoin,

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