Berlin’s Jolocom Takes IoT Data Sharing to the Masses

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Berlin-based startup Jolocom ( has announced it is in talks with manufacturing giant Philips and others to bring blockchain data sharing into the mainstream.

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Jolocom: Blockchain is ‘First Step’ to Decentralizing the Internet

Jolocom, while still at the planning stage with a prototype set for release at the end of the year, wants to combine blockchain with internet of things (IoT) style consumer interconnectivity.

IoT-Graphic“It’s an extension of hyperlinking,” founder Joachim Lohkamp told Quartz, “But instead of linking documents or webpages, you’re linking data.”

Jolocom, in essence, aims to make everyday consumer data handling processes less bureaucratic and physically tiresome. Users would download an app and attach a “web ID” in order to send and receive packets of data. These could be medical records and test results for a doctor’s appointment, for example.

Much like a cryptocurrency blockchain sends packets of transaction data, so Lohkamp is designing a decentralized network for non-financial data. This is similar in practice to extant operations such as uBITquity and startups using the blockchain for proof of ownership of property and assets.

Lohkamp is one evangelist in a city becoming more and more enthralled

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