BetCoin Expands Into The Dark Web: Launches TorBet 777

BetCoin, a well-known bookmaker and Bitcoin casino who has already established a foothold on the clearnet, is launching its variant on the dark net, TorBet 777.

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”TorBet 777 is a 50/50 chance game” where “players choose the image they think will come next, and the payout is based on the result,” according to the site’s description. According to them, the dark web casino will come with fast speed, which is quite unusual since dark net websites are known for their slow speed.



The game can only be accessed via the Tor browser, providing users an anonymous gambling service. There were some dark web casinos in the past, however, they have suffered from minimum deposits and/or an unstable service. It is now a question also that the brand new service will return the Bitcoins of the players when (or after) the website is under attack.

Here is a statement from an expert about the dangers of dark web casinos:

“There is also the issue of the stability of these markets. If, for example, you are high on luck have some big wins, there is a real risk that a market can be shut down or temporarily taken offline due to a malicious attack. It is unknown whether or not the owners would, at that point, return your Bitcoin.”

About BetCoin:

”BetCoin™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network has been at the forefront of the Bitcoin Gambling sector for almost 3 years, and continues to show its commitment to not only innovating, but capitalizing on the core aspects of Bitcoin – including the anonymity it can provide to the privacy-concerned user. The endorsement of TorBet777 continues this trend of embracing the powers of Bitcoin – innovation, privacy, trust, and anonymity wrapped in an enticing package.”

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