Bid 3962 Introduces Bitcoin Tipping To Gather Military Intelligence

Military intelligence gathering is a business model like any other; and because of that, technological innovations have an impact on how intel gathering is handled.  No one had ever imagined Bitcoin – and not blockchain technology – could play a part in this process, but you would be surprised of its value to military officials.

Bitcoin Tipping In Exchange For Military Intel

The United States military is labelled as many things, but they should also be credited for embracing new and disruptive technologies to their benefit.  Providing a bounty in the form of Bitcoin in exchange for intelligence about combat and terrorists could prove to be an invaluable change in way wars are being fought.

Not only would Bitcoin tips allow both the sender and the recipient to remain anonymous (or pseudonymous in more precise terminology), but it also allows to cut down the costs associated with paid informants.  And the combination of both aspects is what has garnered the attention of the Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO).

“The current approach [of paying sources for information] is costly and labor-intensive to manage.  It fails to realize the potential to dramatically increase the volume and precision

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