Bigger than bitcoin: Here comes blockchain

Got bitcoin? I’ve got a little filed away, but only because it’s my job. Like most of you, I have little use for the stuff, despite all of the celebratory hype about this new kind of digital money. At the supermarket or the gas station, US dollars work, and bitcoin doesn’t. For most of us, bitcoin solves problems we haven’t got.

And yet, there’s no denying the seductive appeal of the concept, and maybe more important, the vast potential of the technology that makes it work. It’s called blockchain, and there’s an excellent chance that we’ll all be using it someday, even if we never trade in bitcoin.


Blockchain has so far proved to be a bomb-proof way of registering and storing information about a product or an event so that it is indelibly preserved and impervious to hacking. With bitcoin, it is about a form of currency, or money, but that information could refer to an insurance claim, a mortgage, medical records — even a pair of fancy basketball

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