Bigger than bitcoin: Here comes blockchain

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Got bitcoin? I’ve got a small filed away, though usually since it’s my job. Like many of you, we have small use for a stuff, notwithstanding all of a celebratory hype about this new kind of digital money. At a supermarket or a gas station, US dollars work, and bitcoin doesn’t. For many of us, bitcoin solves problems we haven’t got.

And yet, there’s no denying a charming interest of a concept, and maybe some-more important, a immeasurable intensity of a record that creates it work. It’s called blockchain, and there’s an glorious possibility that we’ll all be regulating it someday, even if we never trade in bitcoin.


Blockchain has so distant valid to be a bomb-proof approach of induction and storing information about a product or an eventuality so that it is indelibly recorded and cool to hacking. With bitcoin, it is about a form of currency, or money, though that information could impute to an word claim, a mortgage, medical annals — even a span of imagination basketball

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