Biglaw Firm Opens Bitcoin Practice


Bitcoin_statistic_coin-300x300Bitcoin, the preferred currency of both the nerd you cheated off in ninth grade and his crystal meth dealer, is one of those technologies that just won’t go away. The “cryptocurrency” discovered by computational “digging” brings goldbugs that one delicious step closer to a privatized monetary supply full of wild speculative bubbles and devastating crashes, just like Ayn Rand would have wanted. But beyond Bitcoin proper, the technology involved, known as “Blockchain,” could influence the way we do business in any number of ways.

And Steptoe Johnson wants to lead on this evolving area of law, announcing that partner Jason Weinstein and counsel Alan Cohn will head up a Blockchain and Digital Currency practice.

As Forbes reports:

“The blockchain, like the internet, is going to have an impact on just about every existing type of institution in the years ahead — both private sector and government,” says partner Jason Weinstein, who, as a deputy assistant attorney general at the United States Department of Justice, led DOJ’s cybercrime and organized crime efforts, and will co-lead the practice. “So having a multidisciplinary blockchain practice

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