Billpayforcoins Refuses To Pay Customer Bills For Bitcoin

Paying bills with Bitcoin is an emerging trend in the world of digital currency in recent months.  Having the option to use digital currency to settle monthly bills sounds appealing to quite a few people, as it means they don’t have to spend normal money to do so.  Unfortunately, this new trend is also attracting companies who claim to pay your bills for you, but just run off with your bitcoins.

Billpayforcoins Is Not What They Claim To Be

The number of services offering to accept Bitcoin and pay bills on behalf of the customer is fairly limited.  That should come as no surprise, considering this is a very niche market within an even smaller niche market.  Additionally, impending regulatory decisions can shake up this business model any day now, depending on what type of legal requirements will need to be fulfilled in the near future.

None of that is preventing companies from offering this service though, or in some cases, making it look like they offer this functionality. Billpayforcoins is a relatively new service, which will pay bills on behalf of customers in exchange for Bitcoin.  With a 1.99% service fee –

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