Binary Options Broker BitPlutos Allows Bitcoin Deposits/Withdrawals

Renowned and reputed binary options broker BitPlutos allows its traders to deposit/withdraw funds in Bitcoin, a decentralized and disruptive digital currency.

It is perhaps the first time a binary option broker has exclusively integrated a payment/withdrawal option that is completely free from government control. As it explains, BitPlutos is particularly attracted by Bitcoin’s ability to offer full-to-partial anonymity. The broker further boasts how the technological aspects of Bitcoin is in line with their core motto — guaranteeing full anonymity to traders.

“Bitplutos, your global leader in investing Bitcoins through binary option trading, provides individual, corporate and institutional clients with unmatched trading experience in the binary options world,” the broker adds. “It is our mission to provide financial tools for the 21st century investor. We love what we do, and encourage you to enter our online community and share our passion.”

How to Get Bitcoin?

Traders wishing to use Bitcoin as their means to deposit and withdraw funds to/from BitPlutos first need to buy the digital currency. Depending upon the country you live in, there are many exchanges and brokers that offer Bitcoin for local fiat currency. For instance: Coinbase is one of the leading Bitcoin service companies in the US, which offers Bitcoin for US Dollar. Similarly in the

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