Bit-X Set To Launch Bitcoin Exchange DigaTrade

Bitcoin exchanges can be found all over the world, and their main goal is to make it more convenient for consumers to buy and sell the digital currency.  And even though there are quite a few exchanges in existence already, there is still a lot of room left for competitive players.  Bit-X’s DigaTrade will be launching soon, and offers a compliance verification process.

Bit-X: Cloud Mining Debit CardsBit-X Small

The name Bit-X has become quite the household name in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency over the past few months.  Similar as to how major Bitcoin cloud mining provider offer both mining services and a trading platform at the same time, Bit-X has taken the same approach.

Based on the principle of supply and demand, Bit-X users can freely buy and selling Bitcoin cloud mining hashpower among each other.  Given the current Bitcoin price, and the required price point to make cloud mining even remotely profitable, the average price per GH/s of mining power is relatively low.

However, Bit-X offers plenty of other trading markets as well.  For example, you can exchange Bitcoin or Litecoin intermittently, or against any of the three

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